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Changing Traditional Schools: Impossible, Or….

Choices in New Orleans

Advanced High School

The Providence, RI Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center, or MET school for short, was created as a high school taking advantage of best practices in school reform and therefore departs significantly from the norm. A strong advisor program, small school size, and tremendous amount of community based learning are among its features. Dennis Litkey, […]

100 New School Choices in Chicago

Mayor Daley, who has been in charge of the Chicago Public Schools since 1995, announced plans to create 100 new small, mostly secondary schools. 1/3 will be charter schools, 1/3 will be contract schools and 1/3 will be reorganized existing schools. This means 2/3 of the new schools will be outside district control. The district […]

New Study on At-Risk Alternatives

The Urban Institute has published a comprehensive, thoughtful study, Educational Alternatives for Vulnerable Youth: Student Needs, Program Types, and Research Directions by Laudan Y. Aron, Janine M. Zweig. The study touches on general alternatives but the major focus is on programs for at-risk youth and the enormous expansion in recent years. This is a useful […]