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International Democratic Education Conference

The International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) provides some of the most provocative and growing challenges to conventional education and probably some of the most extreme examples of choice. John Loflin has attended all of the recent conferences and filed comprehensive reports on their proceedings. The first conference was in 1993 and most recent was in […]

Changing Traditional Schools: Impossible, Or….

Schools Need Autonomy

Small Learning Communities

Democratic Schools Directory

Changing High School

Because high schools have been so resistant to change, educational choices have expanded enormously. Why can’t high schools change? A provocative essay, “The Blind Men and the High School” descibes six strategies to change school. Each states a strategy, problem definition and theory of action. Here is one of the stategies as an example: Strategy: […]

High School: Crisis or Possibility

A new report, Crisis or Possibility Conversations about the American High School (downloadable) by James Harvey and Naomi Housman for the National High School Alliance began with the assumption that something needed to be done. Some 40 organizations participate in the Alliance for this important and well-funded study about the need to “reinvent the American […]

Schools within Schools

A long standing practice to provide choices is the practice of creating schools within an existing school. For example, a large high school might have several subunits that serve as alternatives for students and staff. The Gates Foundation funds a large number of projects to carve large schools into smaller units, for example $55 million […]