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School Choice Necessary for Education

The Brown Center on Education at Brookings published a system for ranking school districts on how much choice of educational programs is afforded children. They argue that options are necessary  and valuable in an article and short video. Their rank of 25 large cities on 13 criteria ranges from grades B to D.  Their booklet Expanding […]

Ultimate Parent Empowerment

California’s “parent trigger ” law enacted in 2010 permits parents with a 51% vote in a failing school to either close the school, replace the school’s administrators, replace the school’s teachers, or convert the school into a charter. Making the news, parents at McKinley Elementary School in Compton California voted 60% to transform their school […]

Parents Favor More Choices in Schools

When Traditional Reading Methods Don

Status of Choices in the U.S.

Youth Councils as Change Agents

Vouchers Pass in Utah and Arizona

Power Point on New Schools

Bryan Hassel’s power point presentation at the U.S. Dept. of Education’s conference series, Innovations in Education Exchange shows how fundamental changes in education is unlikely in conventional schools and will more likely result from new schools. Bryan of Public Impact is one of the most thoughtful and prolific commentators and researchers on today’s scene, particularly […]


According to an interesting web site, education reform in the United States is a myth. Reform implies that something is being made better, and that clearly is not the case when it comes to education, writes one unhappy blogger. The fun goes on and on, day after day while our children continue to get sub-par […]

Homeschooling Increasing

Evidence of increased homeschooling comes from several sources with parents expressing a greater variety of interests. About 30 percent object to conventional school environments, about 30 want a values or religious tone, about 15 percent want a different academic focus, about 7 percent want their child’s particular interest served. An article in the St. Louis […]

Ultimate Alternative School

David Douglas from New Hamshire delineates the key features of an “ultimate school” in a recent piece he sent. He suggests a checklist of 16 features for school personnel and parents to stimulate discussion about how their schools can improve or transform. See other writing and ideas at the Ultimate School Network.