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Status of Choices in the U.S.

Significant Choice Information and Reports

Democratic Schools Directory

Nonpublic School Choices Increase

The latest study (2001-2002) of nonpublic schools, Characteristics of Private Schools in the United States: Results From the 2001

District Choices

More often these days, school districts offer a variety of choices. This might be to meet the growing competition for students from charter schools, nonpublic schools and homeschooling, all of which have eaten into district enrollments. Other reasons for offering choices include catering to student interests or ways of learning and to provide for a […]

Learning Alternatives: Waldorf and Montessori

Waldorf schools and Montessori schools are two long-standing well-regarded private school alternatives that increasingly are found in the public school sector at both elementary and secondary levels. An interesting article by a teacher who worked in both programs compares their practices. For more information, see the national Waldorf organization and the national Montessori organization. Great […]

Alternative “free schools”

We’re seeing an increase in schools that give enormous freedom to students and staff. Well-known in this category is the Sudbury Valley School in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Serving K-12 students, the school is now in the its 36th year and has at least 31 replications. One of those schools, Fairhaven, received considerable publicity in an Education […]

National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools

The NCACS is a non-profit supporting alternative educational approaches and exchanges among its members, who are mostly small community-centered nonpublic schools. Its next national conference will be at The Farm, an alternative school in Summertown, Tennessee, May 6-9, 2004.

Choices for Non-Public School Parents

David Kirkpatrick at the US Freedom Foundation wants a level of choices that makes conventional public schools simply a choice among many possibilities with funding available for all choices, including home schooling. He points out that to some extent, that is true today where states have reimbursed parents or allowed tax credits for expenses at […]

Lifelong Learning

There has been a growing movement to reinvent how people learn and how young people are introduced into society. Homeschooling, charter schools, cyberschools, unschooling, life-long learning, Waldorf schools, and Sudbury schools are just a few of the elements of this movement. Life-long learning has been promoted by management guru Peter Drucker in “Post Capitalist Society” […]

Source and Magazine on Alternatives

Very comprehensive coverage, particularly of democratic and small private alternative schools, including international coverage, is found in Education Revolution, published 4 times a year.