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Status of Choices in the U.S.

Great Resource

High School Redesign

A new report, State Strategies for Redesigning High Schools and Promoting High School to College Transitions by the Education Commission of the States is the latest in a long saga of reports from various sources calling for significant reform of high schools. This brief (6 pages) describes the problem, suggests changes and outlines the initiatives […]

Valuable Database of State Alternatives

The Education Commission of the States has compiled a very useful database of all 50 states and the islands showing policies and statutes for educational choices including open enrollment, charter schools, vouchers, tax credits and tax deductions and dual/concurrent enrollment.

Charter Schools Online Database

One form of alternatives is the charter school movement in the U.S. About 3,000 charter schools are operating during the 2003-2004 school year. The Education Commission of the States has assembled a valuable database from which reports can be generated across the states about charter school profiles, laws, enrollments, size, policies, funding, facilities, etc.

School Choice Issues

A recent article from the Education Commission of the States summarizes school choice in the U.S. Its based on a study by the National Center for Education Statistics conducted for the years 1993-1999 and shows an increase in the numbers of students in educational options. Another study “Mapping SCHOOL CHOICE in Massachusetts: Data and Findings […]