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International Democratic Education Conference

The International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) provides some of the most provocative and growing challenges to conventional education and probably some of the most extreme examples of choice. John Loflin has attended all of the recent conferences and filed comprehensive reports on their proceedings. The first conference was in 1993 and most recent was in […]

Future Schools

Learning in the Community

International Democratic Education Conference

The 14th International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) was held this past July in Sydney, Australia. 250-300 people from 15 countries attended. The event is relevant to today

Design for New Schools: CLC

The Community Learning Centers model was developed to “redesign American education.” A huge database of information is available about its features and how to implement them. It includes: personal learning plans, professional learning plans, differentiated staffing, performance pay, advisor program, technology use, thematic instruction, service learning, school board operations (charter), brain compatible learning, and other […]