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Social and Emotional Learning Impact

CASEL, the Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning has promoted a thorough study, “The Impact of Enhancing Students’ Social and Emotional Learning: A Meta-Analysis of School-Based Universal Interventions,” on the impact on social and emotional learning. Encompassing 213 studies involving 270,000 students, the authors find significant impacts from practices not only on academic learning but […]

100 Years War Against Learning

Dr. Don Glines has poured his energy, extensive experience and knowledge of research about learning into this extraordinary article, “100 Years Against Learning.” He likens the actual 100 Years War to the more than 100 years during which schools have ignored learning principles. He asks why do we still have, for example, seventh graders. He says […]

Lake Superior as Your Classroom

 For the next 5 months Lake Superior will become a living classroom for two lifetime educators and the school groups that follow them, either physically or via the world wide web. Mike Link and Kate Crowley are currently walking the entire shoreline of Lake Superior in an effort to bring attention to the environmental and cultural changes […]

Ethics and Excellence in High School

  A report recently released outlines eight strengths of character that can helpboth students and schools achieve ethical and productive futures.

High School Graduation in Four Years – Why Not Two Years or Even Six?

High Schoolers have many more options today then they did even a decade ago.  There are Alternative, Charter, Private and On-Line options, and now there are options in many states to graduate early or if necessaryto stay one, two or even three additional years.  Recently both the New York Times and U.S. Today had articles […]

Graduation For All

Here are a couple of very interesting and extensive articles on graduation rates and the need to promote graduation for all students.  The first article talks mostly about the graduation gap between the upper 2/3 of high school students and the lower 1/3, made up mostly of urban, low-income African American and Latino students.  The […]

Building a Better Test?

After school budgets, testing remains one of the most controversial and talked about subjects among administrators, teachers, parents and students.  Edutopia has an interesting article along with several links regarding the future of standardized testing.  The article Reinventing the BIG test  gives examples of several promising alternative assessments to the standardized multiple choice tests that […]

Technology’s Impact on Students

Several recent articles outline the uses of technology in the classroom and give readers lots to think about.   The first article deals with the effects of technology on students throughout their education. Lenovo to Research Tech’s Effect on Learning: Global Education Research project will study how technology affects education in and after school, from kindergarten through higher education. […]

Democratic Schools Paper

Arising from discussions with Politeia, Brazil’s democratic education institute, at the 15th International Democratic Education Conference last summer in Sao Paulo a new work “A History of Democratic Education in American Public Schools” by democracy advocate and IALA member John Harris Loflin is now available. Supported by IALA, this comprehensive 161 page paper aims at persuading American […]

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