How To Videos: Extraordinary Resource

EdVisions Schools have made their Design Essentials videos available to all. These are profoundly helpful in seeing how a variety of educational practices are conducted in project-based learning and non-course based schools or others moving toward student-centered learning. Here are examples from the category Self-Directed, Project-Based Learning:

  • Self-directed, project-based learning primary focus; driven by constructivist pedagogy (Adults explain; Students explain)
  • Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) for all students emphasizing student needs and interests (view video)
  • Personalized work space for each student; Internet access (view video)
  • Technology infused environment; technology as a tool
  • Individual/group projects complemented by multiple teaching approaches based on student needs and interests (view video)
  • Achievement demonstrated publicly; highest work place standards are quality goal (view video)
  • All students prepared for post-secondary education, workplace and active citizenship (view video)
  • All students and staff engage in quiet reading every day (view video)

Other major categories with numerous videos include:

  • Authentic Assessment
  • Teacher Ownership/Democratic Governance
  • Small Learning Communities

The Design Elements professional contributions shows student-centered learning in action, the best I have seen! Thanks to the award winning New Country High School and Avalon School students and staff for their exemplary videos.