Ultimate Parent Empowerment

CA sealCalifornia’s “parent trigger ” law enacted in 2010 permits parents with a 51% vote in a failing school to either close the school, replace the school’s administrators, replace the school’s teachers, or convert the school into a charter. Making the news, parents at McKinley Elementary School in Compton California voted 60% to transform their school into a charter school. Earlier this year a majority of parents at Mount Gleason Middle School in Sunland-Tujunga, CA voted to transform their school. The outcomes of these votes are not yet known, may be challenged, and considered revolutionary.

 Nonetheless, other states (GA, IA, IN, MA, NJ, NC, ND, WV to date) are considering similar parent trigger laws as a procedure for dealing with “failing” (low scoring) schools. Fasten your seat belts, educators!

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