Alternative Certification

Teacher licenseAttempts at circumventing conventional licensing have led to the availability of alternative certification, that is programs for becoming licensed to teach or administer without going through the traditional sequence. A valuable resource for examining this route is and then clicking on Alternative Certification.

This continually updated website of 1,700 colleges and school districts contains valuable time-saving information including B.A, M.A and Ph.D. programs. One example is Teach for America. The website also references a critical review and research on alternative certification.

The professional literature contains much commentary about the quality of teacher training, much of it critical of the selection of candidates and training programs leading to certification. Legislatures in a number of states have initiated new routes to certification, hence the value of the Education Degree website for this fast changing field.

Our IALA website lists colleges for preparing people to work in alternative schools. Click on Alternative Training Programs.

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