Provocative Conceptions About Learning

Hole in wallTED brings the world’s leaders in various field: Sugata Mitra  invented the “hole in the wall” project with astonishing learning results, then continued the experiment around the world with the same impact. It can’t help but cause us to question conventional ideas about the ability of children to learn. His 17 minute talk at TED captured in the video Child-Driven Education will entertain, enlighten and cause one to puzzle about unfettered  human learning.
Children of the Code tackles issues of learning to read (breaking the code) with a wealth of the world’s expertise and resources. The difficulties are described in an amazing video 7 minute What’s So Difficult? and the attendant results for many children of  “mind shame,” a crippling long term affliction for school achievement.

A third brief video is from the fresh mind of Ken Robinson who draws engagingly as he talks about the need for change.


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