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Educational Alternatives for Everyone: A Handbook for Educators, Families and Politicians by Don Glines

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Description: An unparalleled and extraordinary resource book on learning alternatives by the foremost advocate for alternatives. It presents the reasons why choices of learning environments are essential for the future of society, offers concrete descriptions of various practical programs, defines the potential outcomes and methods of assessment, provides an extensive bibliography and cites fifty relevant quotes by child-centered leaders. 410 pages, 2002.


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Mankato Wilson Campus School Remembered by Minnesota State University and IALA

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Description: This 60 minute videotape portrays the Wilson research and development learning center for the State of Minnesota, a program considered the most innovative public year-round alternatives environment in the nation from 1968-1978. Included with each order is a 26 page copy of the narrative. The school underwent 69 changes overnight, ultimately leading to major changes in Minnesota legislation, including charter schools, open enrollment, post-secondary options and area learning centers. The tape's quality is a bit uneven but it sends a clear message about future schools.


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