IALA is closing its program by Wayne Jennings

With regrets, we announce that we are dissolving IALA, but intend to keep the website active as a repository of information.

Though the need for school reform information is just as urgent as earlier, we don’t have the personnel to support an active organization.

We started with national conferences 45 years ago and urged state organizations to form. A number did and hold annual conferences.

The IALA website, a fine resource, will be transferred to the Minnesota Association for Alternative Programs at http://www.maapmn.org/

MAAP has been our primary supporter the past 8 years and is one of the most active state alternative organizations. It’s vision is: To Lead, Promote, and Support Innovative Learning Experiences. MAAP holds statewide, regional and other conferences, supports a state youth organization (STARS), and is active legislatively. The IALA website resources is available to anyone and if another organization wants to post it on their website, that is OK.

We three retired school administrators remain committed to schooling programs that prepare students to be responsible citizens; have productive and satisfying careers; continue as lifelong learners; and, achieve their potential talents and gifts.

Wayne, having been this web publisher is writing a book on school transformation to be out on Amazon next year.

Wayne B. Jennings
Dan D. Daly
Ray Morley